Visual Studio Spell Checker

Elena at FeaturePics asked me to proof read a couple of .aspx pages that are heavy with JavaScript. I spotted a couple of spelling errors early on and decided to see if there is a spell checker.

I found a spell checker for Visual Studio that uses the MS Office Dictionary. At first it showed every 'FeaturePics' as a spelling error, along with 'img' and 'var' and a few more that are key words.  I typed these words into a word document and did the “Add to dictionary” routine. Then I closed VS and reopened it and those words no longer came up as errors. The spell checker can be found here.  At first it did not appear to work, but the 'Check Accessibility' in the next paragraph got both spelling and other errors to come rolling in.

In VS there is an item on the tools menu named 'Check Accessibility'. It compares your doc with what it claims to be. In Elena's case,, and flags all the items that do not conform to the standard.

Really a lot of them are things like enclosing font attributes in quotes. It might be possible to do most of those with a couple of search and replace calls. I put in a bunch of /> tags that way, but did not try to do the more elaborate changes.

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Feature Pics

One of the sites I am involved with is, a full service image provider. There was a nice review at The Artisan’s Shout, a blog by, for, and about Artists. Check out both of these links, and while you are there, take advantage of the free blog image license at FeaturePics.

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Is it a virus? "Subject: UPS Paket N361082283"

Today I got an email with the subject shown and the following text:

Unfortunately we were not able to deliver postal package you sent on July the 1st in time because the recipient’s address is not correct.

Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office

Your UPS

It has a zipped attachment, which contains a folder named UPS_Invoice_317, which in turn contains UPS_INVOICE.exe.

I went to to see if they would identify it as a virus, or not, and signed up for their free scan. Files are downloading as I write this.

The Quick Scan did not find anything. I am guessing it did not look in "Temporary Internet files\Content.Outlook\...". So now I am running a full drive scan.

The full scan terminated with an error, so I ran it again. This time it found the Trojan:Win32/Agent.EE., but it could not be cleaned, probably because Istill have the email open.

I deleted the message from both email and from the computer.

It is clear I need a better scanner on the email server.

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