California Proposition 7 - How to vote?

I got my vote by mail ballot, and now I have to figure out how to vote. Most of the propositions an races are pretty easy, but Prop 7 is not. Most of the people I would normally listen to have come out against it. But the argument appears to be: it would be very hard, maybe impossible to meet the goals in the proposition.

I went looking for answers and found a lot of opinions:

Prop 7 opponents

Surprise opponents to renewable energy measure - Some reasons to like it

Renewals are not "practical" right now.

Implies that because a rich guy paid to get it on the ballot, it must be bad. But it has links to both supporters and opponents.

Prop 7 supporters

Looks like the "official hit piece" from the opposition

The state is already doing enough. Would not want to rock the boat.

Well, that is enough research, at least for now.

On balance, I think I will vote for it. Something needs to create some urgency in energy use. This proposition may well be flawed, but it is not "business as usual".

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My friend JCF has started a blog named thoughts. Today was her first post on, what else, thoughts.

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