FeaturePics has OpenSearch - Here is how to use it

Today Scott Hanselman posted about Adding Custom Search Providers, and it reminded me that FeaturePics has had this capability for a long time. But how many people know how to use it? Possibly everyone but me? I never noticed how it works with modern browsers until today after reading Scott's piece. I wrote the FeaturePics opensearch provider about a year ago for use with Amazon's A9, and then thought no more about it. It seems to work just fine in this context also.

Point your browser at http://www.featurePics.com.

20090529 FP OpenSearch1

Notice the orange drop down button to the right of the Google search box. Go ahead and click the drop down.

20090529 FP OpenSearch2


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New and Different Search Engine

Wolfram Alpha is finally available.


From the LA Times:

How long does it take to get to Saturn at, say, the speed of light?
With Wolfram Alpha, the online "computational knowledge engine" that launched Monday, the answer -- 75 minutes -- can be found in a fraction of a second.

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Solar Widgets / Gadgets – The sun on your desktop

LiveOakWidget Image is the XP Html Application version.

Widget / gadget download is below.

We are involved with monitoring solar panel power generation systems in California and Galapagos. We have a web site where the monitoring results can be seen. The URL is http://rMeter.com. On the web site we show lots of details, often including the power consumption of the building on which the panels are located. People like having this information available, but a small effort is required to see the system performance on the web site.

We have also prepared widgets for Vista (Windows 7) and Mac that show at a glance what a particular solar system is doing during the course of the day. They start the display at 6:00 AM, and continue through 8:00 PM.


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Reality Strikes Again - The time for climate action is now!

  Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research discussing an article in Nature, International weekly journal of science.

On the way to phasing out emissions: More than 50% reductions needed by 2050 to respect 2°C climate target


Illustrative Figure for free use:

Meinshausen_etal_SimpleFigure_big.jpg   Two possible futures: One in which no climate policies are implemented (red), and one with strong action to mitigate emissions (blue). Shown are fossil CO2 emissions (top panel) and corresponding global warming (bottom panel). The shown mitigation pathway limits fossil and land-use related CO2 emissions to 1000 billion tonnes CO2 over the first half of the 21st century with near-zero net emissions thereafter. Greenhouse gas emissions of this pathway in year 2050 are ~70% below 1990 levels. Without climate policies, global warming will cross 2°C by the middle of the century. Strong mitigation actions according to the blue route would limit the risk of exceeding 2°C to 25%.


April 30, 2009 - Less than a quarter of the proven fossil fuel reserves can be burnt and emitted between now and 2050, if global warming is to be limited to two degrees Celsius (2°C), says a new study published in the journal Nature today (1).


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