Beyond Petroleum – Beyond BP

Top Kill Fails!

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Beyond Petroleum – Wind and Solar are better deals

Offshore oil vs. offshore wind ... who wins?

How many offshore wind turbines could have been bought for the cost of 1 Deepwater Horizon? The answer is enlightening.


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Beyond Petroleum Now

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Beyond Petroleum

It is time to go Beyond Petroleum.  Way beyond petroleum, all the way to solar.

Start the drums rolling.

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WPUDA Solar Widget / Gadget - The sun on your desktop

20100522WpudaSun  Washington Public Utility Districts Association (WPUDA) installed a solar generation system on their headquarters building in 2008. During May, 2010 rMeter installed monitoring equipment that has allowed the creation of a desktop widget that can be downloaded below. The image shown is the sunshine received today, May 22, 2010. The display begins at 6:00 AM and continues through 8:00 PM.


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Bill Gates: the Most Important Climate Speech of the Year

From Alex Steffen at WorldChanging:

When We Talk Zero, We Sound Crazy. When Bill Gates Does It, Bankers Pick Up the Phone.

On Friday, the world's most successful businessperson and most powerful philanthropist did something outstandingly bold, that went almost unremarked: Bill Gates announced that his top priority is getting the world to zero climate emissions.

And Friday, Gates predicted extraordinary climate action: zero. Not small steps, not incremental progress, not doing less bad: zero. In fact, he stood in front of a slide with nothing but the planet Earth and the number zero. That moment was the most important thing that has happened at TED.


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Where have all the goldfinches gone?

We have a backyard bird feeder here in Santa Cruz, California,  and have had for several years.


So far this year on only two days have I seen any goldfinches. A couple of months ago there were two, and then again last week one day there were three.

Last year there were often 10 or more goldfinches hanging on the thistle sack. It was a rare day when there were none. It is very lonely looking at that sack this year. IMG_1267-k-20091207

The house finches are here along with a variety of their brethren, but I am starting to get a bad feeling about the goldfinches.

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No More Energy Worries

Yet another wingnut email. This one is somewhat plausible, but wrong none the less. I have no idea what Lowell’s comment about the environmentalist when he forwarded it on means , but the most likely outcome for “all that power” is that it stays in the ground.

Thanks to the environmentalist,  How do we get rid of all that power?

Lowell M

Read the whole report especially the end. This is real eye opener.
Subject: FW: Bakken Oil --More than the rest of the World combined


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You will need a license to sell your house

Cap and trade is the target of this wingnut email. One of my “conservative” friends keeps sending inflammatory emails. The one today appears to be designed to scare ordinary folks into thinking that Obama will steal your house, and maybe your firstborn child. No mention that you already need to meet various requirements to get financing.


Subject: FW: A License To Sell Your House per Obama

I looked this is currently in the Bill!!!!!!


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A Plan to Power the US NOW 100% Without Imported Oil

This radical idea comes from John Michael Greer on his blog in a piece titled: Facing the Deindustrial Age

Thus it's one thing to try to find some way to power today's industrial system with renewable sources while leaving intact the structures of everyday life that give our civilization its extravagant appetite for energy. It's quite another thing, and much closer to the realm of the possible, to use renewable energy to meet the far more modest energy requirements of an agrarian society. Especially in North America, restating the question in this way opens up immense possibilities. Very few people who live on this continent, for instance, have noticed that it's only our energy-wasting lifestyles that keep us dependent on imported oil -- with all the unwelcome economic and political consequences that brings. Even 35 years after its own Hubbert peak, the United States is still one of the largest producers of oil on Earth. If the average American used only as much energy per year as the average European, America would be exporting oil, not importing it. Only our insistence on clinging to the dysfunctional lifestyles of an age that is passing away keeps such an obviously constructive goal off the table in discussions of national energy policy.

I will repeat the money line for emphasis: If the average American used only as much energy per year as the average European, America would be exporting oil, not importing it.

Of course, cutting consumption is not the only thing we should be doing. We should be adding renewable energy sources as fast as they can be manufactured until only the most basic transportation needs are powered by oil. If we limit the use of fossil fuels to powering airplanes, we probably have enough to last quite a long time.

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