Categories and Tags

In a post yesterday I mentioned Tags, but I did not tell the whole story. Today I decided to learn a bit more and found some good information.

There is a clear description of both and how to use them at PROBLOGGER that was written by Michael Martin from Pro Blog Design.

  • In terms of coding, categories and tags are almost identical. A category system could very easily be used as a tagging system, and vice versa.
  • So what is it that makes the two different? And how are they best used?

He goes on to tell us. It appears what I was calling tags are more appropriately called Categories.

If you want search engines to group your post with related posts by others, it makes sense to use the same tags as others use. Technorati has a list of the most popular tags. And I quickly found a list of more general tags as well at BlogHop.

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