Physics Trumps Money

George Mobus  writing in Question Everything - When what is happening in your world doesn't make sense, when it doesn't conform to your beliefs about how things should work, it's time to ask hard questions.

Work, Exergy, the Economy, Money, and Wealth -- A Sort-Of Tutorial

This is something of a tutorial on the relationship between energy and the economy. I have been dismayed by how often people express their lack of knowledge about that relationship. Such expressions come in the form of beliefs that money is what drives the economy. Or the belief that human desire to accumulate monetary wealth is the motive force for economic growth. Indeed I doubt that most people ever think of physics when they think of the economy. But the reality is that the economy is very much a physical process that requires energy to continue operating. All of the money in the world will not suffice to maintain the motivation of the wheels of industry unless it can be used to exchange for energy flow. Here is a guide to how the real wealth of nations is created and a more concise look at the nature of energy flow needed to do so.


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Looking for a Job? ASPO-USA Needs an Executive Director

Found at : Casaubon’s Book

As part of its central project, ASPO needs a permanent Executive Director, someone to drive the organization forward as it works to make people understand exactly what their future looks like - both at the technical and scientific end, and in day-to-day lives. I'm hoping that out there among my readership is the perfect person! Check it out and pass it along to anyone you know!

ASPO-USA (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas) is seeking an Executive Director, to be based in Washington, D.C. This position provides a terrific opportunity for a highly skilled and motivated person to help advance understanding of issues related to peak oil and gas. ASPO-USA's executive director will lead the organization's efforts to encourage prudent energy management, equitable community transformation, and cooperative initiatives in an era of depleting petroleum resources. Founded in 2005, ASPO-USA's methods include a comprehensive program of public education, a positive endorsement of practical solutions, and an honest attempt to encourage competing parties to cooperate for their mutual benefit. The Executive Director reports to the ASPO-USA Board of Directors and has overall responsibility for the strategic, programmatic, and management functions of the organization. In addition, the Executive Director serves as a key ambassador for ASPO-USA to the broader community. This includes driving ASPO's fundraising, networking and public relations. The Executive Director will be expected to build on ASPO's strong foundation, helping to consolidate its gains and increase its impact. Please see the ASPO-USA website for more information about the organization and a copy of the full job description. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Kim Comart, Comart & Associates, at They can also call Kim at (877) 363-2776 ext.4.

Salary:$75,000+, d.o.e.

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Beyond Petroleum – BP still failing.

Can anyone still think more petroleum is the answer?

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Beyond Petroleum – The diamond saw blade is stuck

Meanwhile, the oil approaches Florida.

Of course, no one could have predicted.

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Beyond Petroleum – Beyond BP

Top Kill Fails!

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Beyond Petroleum – Wind and Solar are better deals

Offshore oil vs. offshore wind ... who wins?

How many offshore wind turbines could have been bought for the cost of 1 Deepwater Horizon? The answer is enlightening.


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Beyond Petroleum Now

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Beyond Petroleum

It is time to go Beyond Petroleum.  Way beyond petroleum, all the way to solar.

Start the drums rolling.

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Bill Gates: the Most Important Climate Speech of the Year

From Alex Steffen at WorldChanging:

When We Talk Zero, We Sound Crazy. When Bill Gates Does It, Bankers Pick Up the Phone.

On Friday, the world's most successful businessperson and most powerful philanthropist did something outstandingly bold, that went almost unremarked: Bill Gates announced that his top priority is getting the world to zero climate emissions.

And Friday, Gates predicted extraordinary climate action: zero. Not small steps, not incremental progress, not doing less bad: zero. In fact, he stood in front of a slide with nothing but the planet Earth and the number zero. That moment was the most important thing that has happened at TED.


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No More Energy Worries

Yet another wingnut email. This one is somewhat plausible, but wrong none the less. I have no idea what Lowell’s comment about the environmentalist when he forwarded it on means , but the most likely outcome for “all that power” is that it stays in the ground.

Thanks to the environmentalist,  How do we get rid of all that power?

Lowell M

Read the whole report especially the end. This is real eye opener.
Subject: FW: Bakken Oil --More than the rest of the World combined


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