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FeaturePics has released an api (application programming interface) that allows images on the FeaturePics web site to be used on your web site. There are various api options available that you can see described at https://www.featurepics.com/API/Search.aspx. I was aware of the api, but had not seen it in action. < /p>

I have also been hearing a lot about Microsoft Silverlight that is in the second beta release, but really knew nothing about it. Reports have  it that it will work on any browser and has only about a 4k download to install on the client computer, and the download only needs to be installed once,  the first time a Silverlight app is run. So when I found a small tutorial demonstrating how to use Silverlight in a client application, I decided to take the plunge. < /p>

The tutorial was pretty straightforward and the result was impressive. No problem at all until I tried to run the code and it did not work. It turned out to be a difference between beta 1 and beta 2. I wrote a blog post about how to resolve that issue. < /p>

https://enermeter.com/post/2008/08/16/Simple-Silverlight-2-app-APIDemo-Part-1-Building-the-DiggSample.aspx < /p>

While working out the Digg example in the tutorial I thought it might be modified a bit to show how the recently released FeaturePics api could be used in a web application. I made the changes and wrote a second blog post about doing so, including the source code I used to make the application. < /p>

https://enermeter.com/post/2008/08/28/Simple-Silverlight-2-app-APIDemo-Part-2-Building-the-FeaturePics-API-Demo.aspx < /p>

If you are not a programmer and have little or no interest in this type of technology, you might still be interested to see the page as it turned out. It allows you to search all of the FeaturePics images by keyword, and returns a set of thirty image thumbnails that result. Please note that the set of thumbs in my demo can range from zero to thirty, while the actual number at FeaturPics may be much greater than thirty. When you click on one of them you get a brief summary of the image and a link back to FeaturePics. < /p>

You can see the completed demo application here: https://enermeter.com/fpDemo/apidemo.html. < /p>

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