FeaturePics Widget 1.0.0 Released

One of my colleagues, Orly, has completed the widgets that I recently discussed here: Daily Photo Fix Right On Your Desktop. You can see them in action at the FeaturePics web site.

FeaturePics Widgets -- It's a new innovation from FeaturePics.com

All of these gadgets/widgets do essentially the same thing; they bring a selection of FeaturePics images to your desktop in a sort of miniaturized slide show. The content of the slide show is different from day to day and possibly even from hour to hour, because the content comes from an RSS Feed. Some of the FeaturePics RSS Feeds are relatively static, these are the various Author RSS Feeds. These change only when the subject Author changes the selection of images at FeaturePics. But the default RSS Feed shows a selection from the newest images and these usually change every day. Once installed, the gadget requires no further attention -- it downloads the content it needs automatically.

You could conceivably install more than one copy of the Gadget and show more than one slide show. So if you wanted to follow two Authors and also see the latest images you could simply install the Gadget three times and set each to the appropriate URL. Details of how to do that are on the respective download pages.

There are links to download all four versions, Vista (works fine on Windows 7), Mac, XP, and Windows Hta, together with instructions for how to customize the RSS feed that will show up on your desktop.

Check it out, download the gadget of your choice, and brighten up your desktop -- for free.

2020 Update - Widgets are no longer supported by any of the major browser vendors. None of these is still supported.

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