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LiveOakWidget Image is the XP Html Application version.

Widget / gadget download is below.

We are involved with monitoring solar panel power generation systems in California and Galapagos. We have a web site where the monitoring results can be seen. The URL is On the web site we show lots of details, often including the power consumption of the building on which the panels are located. People like having this information available, but a small effort is required to see the system performance on the web site.

We have also prepared widgets for Vista (Windows 7) and Mac that show at a glance what a particular solar system is doing during the course of the day. They start the display at 6:00 AM, and continue through 8:00 PM.

Please note that this is a two step process. The first step is to download the Widget from one of the links about midway down the page where there are also instructions, or the links without instructions are here:

Here is the widget for Vista and Windows 7

Here is the widget for Mac

The second step is to enter the configuration information for the location of interest to you.

The Mac and Vista widgets have a configuration feature where you can enter the URL for the specific system to be displayed into the widget. Note that these are not web page URLs and putting one into your browser will not produce anything useful (or even interesting).

The list of presently available URLs follows:

URL Below
Solar site shown by widget
West Marine Store, Santa Cruz, California
Live Oak Industrial Park, Santa Cruz, California
ElectroRoof, and experimental subsection of the Live Oak project, Santa Cruz, California
Plantronics Corporation World Headquarters, Santa Cruz, California, Buildings 333/345
Plantronics Corporation World Headquarters, Santa Cruz, California, Building 375
Pedro Pablo Andrade Elementary School, San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador
EOLICSA, The control building for the joint venture wind project in San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador
West Cliff Apartments, a complex of nine luxury apartments, each with its own solar power system, in Santa Cruz, California
General Services Administration facility in Salinas, California
This is a small demonstration system installed on the roof of the Pemco Insurance Company in Seattle, Washington.

Here is the widget for Vista and Windows 7 

To install the Vista Widget just extract the zip file, there is a file inside called "rMeter Solar.gadget". Run it.

Vista will show the install message for the widget, click install.

To change the station you have to go to settings. (When the mouse is over the widget the icon for settings will appear.It’s the one to the right, the one that looks like a tool).

In the url box change for the url to the station you want from the list above. The widget may be installed as many times as you like, each Sidebar Gadget can have  a different url.

Here is the widget for Mac

To Open the setting page of the Mac widget, put your mouse over the widget. In your bottom right corner you will find a  small "i".  This is the common link to options in the Mac widget. Open the settings page and paste your URL in the "URL Feed" Box and Click Ok.

Widgets for XP

These XP widgets are .hta files that run on the desktop. They use relatively a large amount of system resources and we are not encouraging their use. (Kal 3/5/2013)

Widgets for XP and earlier work a little differently because XP does not have any built-in facility for running widgets. To accomplish essentially the same thing, we have created a series of "Html Applications", or .hta files, for each installation. Each of these Html Applications consists of a folder containing several files. One of these files is named "rMeterSolar.hta". Double click it.

Each of the Html Applications must be downloaded separately as follows.

Central Coating Company

West Marine Store

Live Oak Industrial Park

ElectroRoof Test

Plantronics World Headquarters

Pedro Pablo Andrade Elementary

EOLICSA Control Building

West Cliff Apartments

GSA Salinas

We have done some other widgets as well. This link will take you to a series of them we did for FeaturePics Images.

Updated 3/5/2013.

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