Looking for a Job? ASPO-USA Needs an Executive Director

Found at : Casaubon’s Book

As part of its central project, ASPO needs a permanent Executive Director, someone to drive the organization forward as it works to make people understand exactly what their future looks like - both at the technical and scientific end, and in day-to-day lives. I'm hoping that out there among my readership is the perfect person! Check it out and pass it along to anyone you know!

ASPO-USA (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas) is seeking an Executive Director, to be based in Washington, D.C. This position provides a terrific opportunity for a highly skilled and motivated person to help advance understanding of issues related to peak oil and gas. ASPO-USA's executive director will lead the organization's efforts to encourage prudent energy management, equitable community transformation, and cooperative initiatives in an era of depleting petroleum resources. Founded in 2005, ASPO-USA's methods include a comprehensive program of public education, a positive endorsement of practical solutions, and an honest attempt to encourage competing parties to cooperate for their mutual benefit. The Executive Director reports to the ASPO-USA Board of Directors and has overall responsibility for the strategic, programmatic, and management functions of the organization. In addition, the Executive Director serves as a key ambassador for ASPO-USA to the broader community. This includes driving ASPO's fundraising, networking and public relations. The Executive Director will be expected to build on ASPO's strong foundation, helping to consolidate its gains and increase its impact. Please see the ASPO-USA website for more information about the organization and a copy of the full job description. www.aspo-usa.org. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Kim Comart, Comart & Associates, at kcomart@comcast.net. They can also call Kim at (877) 363-2776 ext.4.

Salary:$75,000+, d.o.e.


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